California Cinderella Annual Calendar 


10/11: Bates Nut Farm, pumpkin patch: Valley Center (Ms. Lorraine) 

10/15: Beach Bonfire & Potluck 6pm: La Jolla Shores (Ms. Brittny)

10/16: Royalty Photoshoot, Rancho Santa Fe

10/16: Royal Tea: Marlenes Tea & Cakes, Carmel Valley (Ms. Jennifer) 

10/22: Imperial valley pageant practice 5-8pm (Ms. Lorraine)

10/27: Zoom pumpkin carving contest (CC Woman, Aly Chavelas)



11/5: Navy Fleet Week, San Diego (Ms. Lorraine)  

11/9: Zoom: pageant info session (Ms. Jennifer) 

11/13: Imperial Valley Rodeo and Parade (Ms. Jennifer) 

11/14: Imperial Valley Preliminary (Ms. Jennifer)  

11/20: Happy Birthday CC Woman Aly

11/20: Alcatraz tour, San Francisco (Ms. Jennifer) 

11/21: San Jose preliminary (Ms. Jennifer) 

11/21: Mother Goose Parade, El Cajon (Bonnie Baum) 



12/4: Newport Beach boat parade & Holiday Lights Cruise (Ms Margaux) 

12/5: La Jolla Christmas parade (Ms. Brittny) 

12/11: San Diego Boat parade & Ice Skating, Coronado (Ms Nicole) 

12/12: Central San Diego preliminary, Holiday Party (Ms. Lorraine) 

12/17: North Pole Express, Campo (Ms. Lorraine)



1/2: Zoom Vision Boards (CC Royalty) 

1/10: HBD California Teen, Isabelle

1/12: Music Video Vocal Audition Opens (Ms. Jennifer)

1/15: Pageant Practice & Info Session, San Diego (Ms. Lorraine) 

1/27: Last Day to submit for Music Video Vocals (Ms. Jennifer)

1/29: HBD Mariah 



2/5: Studio Day, Music Video Vocals Recorded, San Diego(Ms. Jennifer)

2/7: Register for Secret Sister Valentine (Ms. Chantea) 

2/8: Deadline to Mail Sister Gift

2/25: Music Video Recording Day, 10-3pm, Murrieta (Ms. Jennifer)

2/26: Greater San Diego Preliminary (Ms. Lorraine) 

2/27: Disneyland (Ms. Margaux)



3/5: State Photogenic Winner Photoshoot & Activity      

(Neela, Caroline, Lilah, Evelyn)

3/4-3/6: Rory Glover Available for Headshots, San Diego 

3/13: Orange County Preliminary (Ms. Margaux) 

3/26: CC State and International Beauty Day

(Hannah, Katie, Isabelle, Bella, Athena, Betsey, Ali)



4/5: HBD California Cinderella Mini Miss, Tatum Harmon

4/8-4/12: State Royalty Trip to Bahamas 

4/16: Spring Egg Hunt, San Diego (Ms. Lorraine) 

4/23: Last Call Pageant, location TBA (Ms. Lorraine)

4/29-5/1: CC Sleep Away Camp, Camp Marston, Julian (Ms. Jennifer) 



5/14: State Pageant Practice 

5/15: Mock Interview with Cinderella Judges (Zoom)

5/18: State Zoom (Ms. Jennifer)

5/27-5/30: Cameo Girl, Talent of the Year, Baby Pageant, Cinderella Girll Pageant




Ms. Jennifer: californiacinderella@gmail.com

Ms. Lorraine: greatersandiegocinderella@gmail.com

Ms. Margaux: occindypageant@gmail.com

Ms. Brittny: bguarine@gmail.com

Ms. Chantea: chanteamcintyre@gmail.com

Ms. Nicole: mrsnicoleharmon@gmail.com

Ms. Bonnie Baum: bonnielbaum@gmail.com

Cinderella Woman: Alyhibbard@gmail.com

Rori Glover: rorigloverstudios@gmail.com

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